Gastronorm. Sink, tray, worktop

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Gastronorm. Sink, tray, worktop

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September 16th, 2023, 11:51 am

I use Gastronorm containers for lots of uses.
This one is going in the Nomad camper.

Its the Gastronorm 2/3 size at 354mm x 325mm.
The tray top is 20mm deep. The bottom is 150mm deep.
In use the bottom part at 150mm deep will be a sink. The 20mm top can be a tray or an extra worktop, or just to hide the washing up till it gets done.
Nice solid stainless steel. The 2 weigh 1.4kg together. Being stainless steel its ok to stand hot pans on them (care being taken of heat transference) unlike a plastic washing up bowl (DAMHIKT). If you have a camper with square or rectangular fitted sink these make a good sink liners to protect it. ... 3858145833

I use this company as its near to me and priced competativley, but its a standard build in catering. This company stock most sizes and versions.
Gastronorm come in a large selection of sizes and depths. I even have a small one as a roaster in my mini oven. They have a lid version with centre handle and perforated versions for draining among others.
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