Mounting a NorthStar 600SS Pop up camper - 2021 Toyota Hilux Single Cab

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Mounting a NorthStar 600SS Pop up camper - 2021 Toyota Hilux Single Cab

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March 17th, 2024, 11:57 am

We have made reservations to transport our 2021 Toyota Hilux Single cab pickup to the US to retrieve our NorthStar 600SS pop up slide-in camper.
We plan to mount the camper, do some touring in the US, and if all goes well when we ship our pickup back to the EU leave its companion camper attached to do some touring in Europe.
I am searching for comments on three issues: 1. The box on our Toyota pickup is approximately 7'6" long with the space between wheel wells being approximately 44". The pertinent dimensions of the camper are length 6'3" and width of the base between wheel wells 40". Has anyone ever had a similar situation? And if so, is it best to mount the camper as far forward as possible - or leave the space in front near the cab? 2.

I have purchased 4 - Torklift tie down arms (not cheap by any means) and plan to attach them to the frame. Instead of adding a tie down system has anyone ever attached a camper to the series of tie down hooks already mounted on the upper edge of the box of a single cab Toyota pickup? 3. The "wet" weight of the camper plus gear is well within the load limits of the pickup -
but am I still going to need to beef up the suspension? (I have purchased new heavy duty tires so the tires will be more than adequate). I look forward to you comments and experience. Thank you.

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