Tailgate Protection

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Tailgate Protection

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September 16th, 2023, 5:06 pm

https://m-uk.vevor.com/tailgate-pad-c_1 ... 0967061667

I want to leave the tailgate on as I have plenty of payload left with the Camper only weighing 325kg. The problem was not wanting to get stonechips while its down. I had an idea of using a waterproof dog bed cover and padding the underside, but the tailgate stays would get in the way. Then I spotted tailgate pads. They are really for protecting your tailgate when carrying bikes, but would be fine for my use. They even have a flap to access the lock.
This one is 2" narrower than my tailgate, but I solved that by applying carbon vehicle tape at either side. The tailgate pad is waterproof. I can close the tailgate with it on, even with the canopy on. Using the tailgate as a balcony to step out of the camper I have some rubber matting to use as a door mat. The rear bumper shields the lower paintwork.
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