Rare SASR Landy 6x6 in Aust. govt auctions '23.

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Rare SASR Landy 6x6 in Aust. govt auctions '23.

Post: # 34474Post sandylandy
April 10th, 2023, 12:39 pm

Aussie SAS Regt custom built 6x6 LandRovers (fr 1988 - 1992) are beginning to come through public auctions in 2023. Rare! Factory fitted with turbo Isuzu 3.9 diesel engines. All the driveline is beefed up too; the big clutch plate, pressure plate, LT95A 4speed, props, diff splines, axles, flanges, disc brakes all 'round, split rims. It is a long way from a civvy Defender!
These special forces LRPVs were used in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Another one is on auction now -lasts a week:

https://www.pickles.com.au/trucks/item/ ... rs/220639/

even a little video www.youtube.com/embed/rNuVolYJzT8?autoplay=1

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