Tischer Box from shell , interior design!

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Tischer Box from shell , interior design!

Post: # 34141Post CatrionaRowan
January 29th, 2023, 10:13 pm

Tischer shell.
Has anyone here purchased a Box /Trail 200 as an empty shell and fitted it out , or got any UK company to fit it out? We need the short body for towing behind it, and we would like to fit a toilet/ shower compartment which we cannot seem to persuade Tischer to show interest in producing one. We looked at the Northstar 600 but not happy with the external body fixings. then there is a Swedish one, but very pricey ( unless anyone has a second hand one to sell?
Any advice or experience welcome! Thank you. c

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Re: Tischer Box from shell , interior design!

Post: # 34142Post zildjian
January 29th, 2023, 10:21 pm

Imagine Tischer wouldn't be much use offering a compact camper with washroom, I understand your towing issue but they obviously offer the 260/280's full size models with everything,
SKarosser (Dorotea Sweden) have in the past produced specific camper shapes for customers; http://en.skarosser.se/products

but they are quite a way to go,
do-able but a way off.

We do see both manufacturers come up used on UK market you might then strip back as you wish, but infrequently

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