Buying used SKarosser print this off...

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Re: Buying used SKarosser print this off...

Post: # 21963Post mjb666
May 21st, 2018, 7:25 pm

A shower & loo was right at the top of my want list when i started looking for a De-mountable 8 years ago, not really sure why but we decided we must have this set-up.

All i ended up with is a room with neither, i suppose i could put a porta loo in there but we haven't. It's got a sliding door and we use it to store everything that we take away.

If we ever upgrade, we've decided that it isn't a deal killer.

Do other owner's use there's a lot?
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Re: Buying used SKarosser print this off...

Post: # 22019Post zildjian
May 25th, 2018, 2:55 pm

After a week away on its first go of the year I decided its better to spend at least one night in it somewhere nearer home to ensure everything is working before heading off to Devon!

First thing we found was shower head was (after 12 years not being used) cracked or fractured and seeping water,
Light switch had gone a bit sketchy too, making contact occasionally,
while I was away I ordered both and they were on mat this morning when we got back, all bolted on and only succeeded in blowing a couple of fuses while swapping this out

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