Northstar fixing points - advice required please.

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Northstar fixing points - advice required please.

Post: # 25668Post OnTow
April 29th, 2019, 7:49 pm

Hi all, I recently purchased a second hand Northstar 700dl with the intention of fitting it to my Navara pickup. To allow me to position my fixings within the tub of the pickup I was considering moving the original fixing brackets on the camper from the outside edge inwards. They would still be fixed through the same piece of wood but brought in to be within the tub.
The camper has an access hatch at either side to allow access to the tub area when the camper is in position on the pickup.
I’m sure I’ve seen Northstars with the brackets in before but thought I’d better check before I get carried away.


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Re: Northstar fixing points - advice required please.

Post: # 27082Post RobYorkshire
September 26th, 2019, 4:20 pm

Would also be interested in this - I've just purchased a Northstar 750DL and it's currently connected to the outside tub via Happijac (I think) fixings. However these don't look too sturdy, especially as I'm planning on doing a fair bit of off-road travel. I've read a few posts on here of pickup beds twisting with these fittings which is worrying.

Oddly my Northstar has an access panel on the inside, but only one. There's no way of reaching the bed from the left side, so it looks like installing some proper heavy duty eye bolts right through to the chassis on the inside of the bed is out of the question.

Would appreciate any feedback from fellow Northstar owners.
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