Suntrekker for Sale

Demountable campers for sale from all over the net
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Suntrekker for Sale

Post: # 25468Post TheWalshyWay
April 9th, 2019, 7:49 pm

Hi, My Suntrekker is for Sale, I've had this since new!
Selling as I now have a Ranger Demountable
(project ha!)

Truck *NOT* included in sale

All in good order ;
12v/gas fridge
3burner gas hob w grill
120w Solar panel
110ah leisure battery
12v sockets
USB sockets
LED Lights
220v hookup
Radio with speakers
Tv Aerial
12v/ 220v TV included. but has a wierd 1 inch band at the bottom that is pixilated otherwise fine
Rear door wired with switch to your pickup alarm
Legs extended to accommodate wider wheels/arches but can be returned to original.
2 Custom racks for Sailboards or Kayaks

Photos in link below *vvvvvvvv*

Price as per my wife's instructions 5000 Euro

In Dublin Ireland, pretty convenient 10 minutes to Airport. If serious I can pickup/drop-off to Dublin Airport.


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Re: Suntrekker for Sale

Post: # 25686Post Paulob
May 1st, 2019, 2:26 pm

Hi Bernard, Paul here from Athea. I have bought a suntrekker. I didn't see this site until after I bought mine. I need pictures of the pull out bed without mattress open and closed and from the bottom if possible. My suntrekker came without the pull out bed and I'll have to get one made, but I don't have the drawings or specifications. Thank you. Paul.

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Re: Suntrekker for Sale

Post: # 25700Post Amanda_P
May 2nd, 2019, 9:37 am

Mine has a pull-out bed, and in the 25 years I’ve had the camper, it’s been used exactly twice. Here’s why.

When travelling, you’ll normally have luggage - bags with your clothes in, outdoor coats, rucksacks, walking sticks, kites, model aircraft, whatever it is you do when you’re travelling. In a Suntrekker, about the only place to put these is on the overcab bed.

When it’s bed time, if you want to use that overcab bed, you have to move all the luggage down to the seats before you can use it. Then you have to put it all back up there again to use the space ‘downstairs’. It’s easier just to use the ‘downstairs’ bed. You can sit up in it, and you can lean on the bulkhead when you’re sitting up in bed having your morning tea. It’s easier to get in and out of bed, and there’s lots more room.

For all these reasons, I’ve removed the overcab bedding and the pull-out ‘shelf’ and fitted some shelving and lockers in the overcab space. I’d be willing to sell you my pull-out shelf if you really want it, but, having lived with and in a Suntrekker for a long time, I don’t think you really do!

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Re: Suntrekker for Sale

Post: # 25715Post zildjian
May 2nd, 2019, 8:44 pm

Paul I've removed your phone numbers and emailed them on to Amanda
looks like you found your bed at least :)

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