Replacement Suntrekker Skylight

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Replacement Suntrekker Skylight

Post: # 24649Post RobYorkshire
January 7th, 2019, 12:24 am

Has anyone ever fitted a replacement skylight to their Suntrekker?

I believe there aren't any perfect-fit off the shelf skylights that will fit but I'm wondering if anyone's had any experience with this one - the website suggests you can trim the frame down accordingly? ... n-vw-spare

One broke off during a gale on my Ireland trip and the roof is currently sealed with the remains and lots of duct tape!
Ford Ranger 2.5TD Super Cab 4x4 & Suntrekker Demountable

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Re: Replacement Suntrekker Skylight

Post: # 24654Post Amanda_P
January 7th, 2019, 11:31 am

I had the same emergency a few years ago - one skylight ‘lid’ blew off as I was driving down to Gatwick to fly to South Africa. The plan was to use the van as accommodation the night before flying. I spent half the night sealing up the hole with plastic bags and duct tape so the van wouldn’t be awash when I got back!

Your Suntrekker may not have been originally fitted with the same skylights as mine, but mine had MPKs like this: ... gL7ofD_BwE

I got a couple of replacements from O’Leary’s in Beverley, and a tube of Sikaflex, and replacement was straightforward.

They do seem to need re-sealing every so often, as I think the Suntrekker shell flexes and tiny gaps open up in the sealant, even though it’s supposed to be non-setting. But it’s only an hour’s work, so no big deal.

If your original skylight is no longer available, these MPKs seem pretty good (the originals were at least twelve years old when one broke, and the replacements had a slightly different and improved design that makes that mode of breakage less likely, even when beginning to perish). The MPKs simply clamp through an opening in the roof - no screwing into the shell. If you couldn’t find a replacement exactly the same size, you could just enlarge th hole to fit the nearest, but bigger, replacement.

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Re: Replacement Suntrekker Skylight

Post: # 24657Post TheWalshyWay
January 7th, 2019, 4:58 pm

Personally I would put the Fiamma one in, I have two in my Suntrekker.
I just replaced the original MTK as I find them a bit clunky in my Ranger Demountable, I prefer the wind up opening with incorporated fly screen which is important to have as it keeps out midges and other insects.
The 40 x 40 is ideal as most makes seem to be 40 x 40 so no problem getting replacement's in a hurry.
When enlarging the roof hole put masking tape where your cutting this reduces splintering of the fiberglass, get the Sikaflex that's UV rated.

Have fun


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Re: Replacement Suntrekker Skylight

Post: # 24660Post zildjian
January 7th, 2019, 8:22 pm

We like a bit of sunroof fitting and roof cutting, just have ALL materials and tools to hand, and for immediately cleaning up after yourself there are those Gorilla wipes that Mark endorsed too

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Re: Replacement Suntrekker Skylight

Post: # 24694Post kernowjon
January 11th, 2019, 2:21 am

In our Romahome pod - another Island Plastics demountable, as standard they are fitted with a Fiamma of the type you showed, but an obselete size. Our solution was to fit a Mini Heiki.
We retained the rear edge of the apperture although it had to be made slightly larger. Using this as the datum it was an easy jigsaw job to enlarge the apperture. If the ceiling is not deep enough for the Keiki's minimum thickness make a plywood gasket to fit under. The important thing is the sealant. Most manufacturers use pretty cheap silicone, which has a life of about 10 years before it starts shrinking, and becoming hard. More expensive PU sealants - Tiger Seal, Gorilla, Geocell Works never dry out and do not shrink. But cost about 3 times as much as cheap silicone.

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