Which demountable & pick up are best touring Ireland

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Which demountable & pick up are best touring Ireland

Post: # 23462Post MAC7172
September 16th, 2018, 12:28 pm

Hi I’m very new to this world so I look forward to being a good member of your community.

I live in South West Kerry Ireland. The scenery and beaches are stunning with mountains lakes and some of the best countryside I’ve seen anywhere. Plus of course the people food and craic top it all as a great place to holiday.

Because there is so much to do and locally And because the roads are narrow in quite bad condition I’m not looking to travel far just touring around Kerry Cork and the west coast up to Galway. I’m looking to buy a pick up and put a demountable camper on it and then at the same time tower quad or a boat.

I’m looking for some advice on which pick up and demountable camper combination and most suited for this type of touring.

I’m thinking so far a Mitsubishi L200 and a Herman Royal Sport?

I’m open to any ideas and especially experience.

I have also looked at the states and like of the Capris, Lance, adventurer 80gs and the gazelle v2.

I like the little luxuries in life like a warm quiet good nights sleep and a shower As the weather here changes literally like the wind. Indoor space and equipment needs to be high quality for wet days in with my partner and two kids.


Please help me make the right choices as it feels like a mind field out there!!

Many thanks


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Re: Which demountable & pick up are best touring Ireland

Post: # 23463Post zildjian
September 16th, 2018, 1:01 pm

Hi Mark & welcome,
the roads I've heard can be as you describe yes, so something robust I'm guessing, Herman I don't know we have one amongst the members here, L200 though we have a few.
Owners don't often mention problems beyond the fact the load bed is a little short to carry some of the larger campers, were you set on Mitsubishi especially?

Ford ranger new or even the earlier Mazda badged vehicles are popular along with some Nissan etc, ordinarily we'd offer to find someone local you could go and visit to look over a camper ask questions but Ireland members aren't common.
so I've posted your query over on our facebook page as well for maximum exposure,
lets see who responds.

Meanwhile have a read through main site here and ask what you need


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Re: Which demountable & pick up are best touring Ireland

Post: # 23465Post derestrictor
September 16th, 2018, 2:17 pm

Hello Mark
welcome to site those campers are they the ones with rooftop pop up section for extra sleeping?

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Re: Which demountable & pick up are best touring Ireland

Post: # 23466Post mjb666
September 16th, 2018, 2:18 pm

Hi Mark, another Welcome from me to the Forum

I think it's fair to generalise with European pick up trucks

1. Single cab - 2 belted seats with an 8 foot loadbed.
2. King/Super/1 1/2 cab - 4 belted seats with a 7 foot loadbed.
3. Doublecab - 5 belted seats with a 6 foot loadbed.

As above and with you being a Family of four i would recomend starting by buying a Kingcab, that slightly longer loadbed will be a Big plus over a double cab combination.

I suppose it will be down to your budget but sometimes a truck & De-mountable will come up on the sales thread second hand or sign your life away and buy both new.

Good Luck with the search, keep in touch and ask as many questions as come into your head.

I spent a week with a couple of Mates a few years ago doing The Ring of Kerry in a hire car. WOW is all i can say.


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Unknown Demountable

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Re: Which demountable & pick up are best touring Ireland

Post: # 23468Post Silversprinter
September 16th, 2018, 3:30 pm

Hi Mark from another newbie here
i am looking at the moment too as thinking about swapping from motorhome a pickup during the working week makes more sense right now

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Re: Which demountable & pick up are best touring Ireland

Post: # 23479Post TheWalshyWay
September 17th, 2018, 12:27 pm

Hi Mark, Bernard here, I'm based in both Dublin and Wexford, currently have a Suntrekker and a Ranger (latest aquisition) Demountable on a single cab Isuzu 2.5 td.
I've always had Isuzu, on my 3rd at this stage and no issues. I personally prefer the Isuzu as it's slightly lower than the others.
How old are your kids ? the reason for asking as in my case my kids found other interests when they got to 14/15 and weren't really interested in travelling so much and I ended up selling the Double cab and getting a Single cab still with the Suntrekker on board,
The "Ranger" Demountable I now have is wider and longer than my Suntrekker and am currently on my first trip with it (France) the thing I've had to remember is that if the mirrors fit through the gap so will the rest :)
So it really boils down to budget and preference, I would opt for the best Demountable I could afford as the pickup can be changed when necessary but the Demountable if looked after can last a very long time, looking and functioning well.
With regards to towing, if you buy a Demountable that hangs lower than the pickup bed itself you might have an issue however there might be some models that cantilever straight out from the pickup and not down ! If you want you can wattsapp me on 0863534280 and I can send you some pics


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