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SOLD; Tischer Demountable Project

Posted: August 1st, 2020, 4:41 pm
by Florence
Hi there,

Last year, I enthusiastically bought a Tischer Demountable camper and Ford Ranger to start my camper pod dream. The camper was a good size, able to fit a couple of people and 2 large dogs without a problem. It was a 4 berth camper, but it just had this leak....

I'd been watching campervans, and had been wowed by a demountable without proper research so I ended up buying it. I knew there was a leak that was mitigated by keeping the roof down. I just didn't comprehend how long the leak had gone on and what damage had been done.

Once I started finding the damage I just couldn't ignore it. I got some friends to help me repair it and the skin was taken off.... but time has passed, they are busy with other projects and I have to recognise that although I can handle soft furnishings and d├ęcor, a replace and rebuild scares me and I'm not rich, merely wealthy enough to have a hobby.

7 months later I have to recognise that I am not the owner for this camper. It may still be rescued by someone with skills, time, money and / or patience. It is a lovely object and I am genuinely sad to have to let go of it and pass it to the next person.

I have put this camper up for auction on ebay. Please go and have a look if you think you might be the new owner. I've lost a lot of money and learnt a lot of lessons but I really would love for the right person to find and restore this beautiful camper. ... cat=121904

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Kind Regards


EDIT - Sold to someone who is going to restore it.

Re: For sale; Tischer Demountable Project

Posted: August 1st, 2020, 6:49 pm
by zildjian
Essentially caravan construction,
stud timber frame under aluminium sides, at some point it's been holed in roof and not caught quickly enough,
water ingress heads downwards following the wooden frame and rots it out,
strip off siding, maybe the inner trim as well for ease, replace timber.

I know in one of the most recent of these restorations, Tischer Germany even now still carry panels and fittings for this model