Emissions regulations, tolls and vignettes

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Emissions regulations, tolls and vignettes

Post: # 16703Post sabconsulting
January 26th, 2017, 3:47 pm

There was a time when you could get in your camper and drive anywhere in Europe without any preparation. Unfortunately an ever increasing number of local electronic tolls and emission regulations mean you now have to plan before you leave home and purchase stickers / register for tolls, etc. in advance.

Here are some resources you may need. Others can reply and add further resources and information about other countries:

Things you need to apply for before leaving home

General resource for locating restrictions and tolls

This is a useful site where you can search by country or map, and you can sign up to get email alerts to new restrictions:


Norwegian road tolls

Norway have some automated tolls (no toll booths for manual payment). So you need to register your vehicle in advance:


You can register a payment card and they will debit a chunk of money the first time you use it, then again once you have used up that initial chunk. You register an end-date, and after that end date they will refund any unused money.

Emissions stickers for Paris

Here is the French government website for Crit'air stickers - you'll get fined if you drive through Paris without one. Plus the point of the stickers is to demonstrate what Euro emissions regulation your vehicle complies with (e.g. Euro-4) and there are restrictions preventing you from taking vehicles that are below a certain emissions standard into Paris, with further restrictions applying within certain times.


Emissions stickers for Germany

You can order these from various places, e.g. here:

http://www.tuev-sued.de/auto_fahrzeuge/ ... nd/england

Like the French scheme the sticker indicates the Euro emission rating of your vehicle so officials can see if your vehicle is compliant where you are driving it. There are quite a lot of low emission zones in Germany so as well as having one of these stickers you need to ensure your vehicle is permitted to drive in the location you intend to visit.

Things you can buy on the road

French road tolls

You can pay as you go, or if you intend to drive there a lot you can buy a tag so you can drive through without stopping:



You buy a vignette at the border that allows you to use their motorways. Entering the country via a major motorway there is likely to be a manned toll booth selling the vignette stickers you attach to your windscreen. You have to pay for a year. If crossing on a backroad you could easily miss this and end up on a motorway without having bought and displayed a vignette.


Similar situation to Switzerland. We bought a sticker at the petrol station at the border crossing. They were available for different periods, e.g. 1 month.

Czech Republic

Similar to Austria. We found a small booth selling vignettes just after the border.


You need a temporary vehicle import permit. You can print one out in advance to save time at the port. There will also be fixers at the port who can help you out with paperwork.

You also need vehicle insurance. You can obtain this once you arrive in Morocco. We found the small office on the exit to the port at Tangier was closed when we arrived late at night, but it opens during the day in time for the first ferry.

I recommend Chris Scott's excellent books on the Morocco and Sahara and his website shows information about entering Morocco, as does his Morocco Overland book:

https://sahara-overland.com/2014/12/27/ ... documents/

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Re: Emissions regulations, tolls and vignettes

Post: # 16704Post TrueDink
January 26th, 2017, 4:05 pm

Slovenia as Switzerland, Austria etc.

Italy and Croatia as France.
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Re: Emissions regulations, tolls and vignettes

Post: # 16859Post saDgit
February 11th, 2017, 4:05 pm

Received the French emissions sticker for my Ranger this morning. Confusingly, but perhaps typically, the CRIT'Air numbers do not coincide with the Euro emissions category numbers. So my 2007 Ranger, which complies with Euro 4, falls into CRIT'Air 3.


This screenshot explains the system clearly enough but maybe it would have been sensible if the CRIT'Air categories had gone for a sequence of letters instead of numbers. :?:


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