Buying a used European Adventure camper, print this off

Buying a used European Adventure camper, print this off

Postby zildjian » February 1st, 2017, 8:00 pm

When buying any used camper we always recommend taking along a damp meter these are cheaply available from Ebay at £6 and simple to use and can save you a lot of money and act as a bargaining tool.
Try everything electrical you can, ask about heating and water systems, and decide if its been lucky enough to enjoy winter storage out of the elements or has been damaged in the past


These excellent campers don't suffer a great number of issues,

Legs; as powered can be problematic if rain has corroded mechanism, requiring a rebuild,

Leaks; usually to rear wall, (toilet) sometimes in cab-over (at join with headboard,) once with a members' roof (though uncommon)
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