Greetings from Gary at SBS

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Greetings from Gary at SBS

Postby Gary W » 29 Mar 2015 02:07

If you've been around a very long time you might remember me as the young man who brought Tischer to the UK in the 80s, well I was young then! In more recent times we've been producing our own expedition spec campers which we've been selling alongside the fabulous Winner yachts we import from Holland. We've recently stopped producing our own vans and now import a wide range of demountables to meet all budgets and all needs starting from just £13,450, including VAT and a nice usable spec. Check out for more info.


Kindest regards

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Re: Greetings from Gary at SBS

Postby zildjian » 29 Mar 2015 02:21


Well hello again Garry and best of luck of course,
we look forward to seeing these appear duly,

it's about time
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Re: Greetings from Gary at SBS

Postby rubberrat » 29 Mar 2015 11:19

Hi Gary, keep us up to speed with developments and do use the site and forum as a tool to gauge response from current demountable owners. It's likely that the vast majority of UK demountable users are on this forum now, and the rest will follow.

note;Z Absolutely Gary, as Mark say's keep us in the loop on imports we can offer a further shop window
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Re: Greetings from Gary at SBS

Postby TrueDink » 29 Mar 2015 14:02

Hello and Welcome to the forum.
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