Isuzu D-max factory wiring/13 pin plug/split charging relay.

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Re: Isuzu D-max factory wiring/13 pin plug/split charging re

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July 25th, 2018, 9:05 pm

earthman wrote:I'm wondering how many owners have paid to have a relay fitted up front to the vehicles battery when in fact there's been no need to do it. :?
Although i have owned my De-mountable for eight years, i have only just recently had the 7-pin male connector on the De-mountable, it's over 40 years old, wired so when connected to the 13-pin towbar socket i can use pin 9, constant power, to have the 12v supply try to keep the fridge chilled when on the move. ... ht-socket/

My first long weekend away in a rather basic field resulted in me not being able to start my pick up on the sunday and no jump leads :oops:

I was very lucky that someone was able to provide me with a set.

1. The cranking battery was 'shot' and was replaced 48hrs later.


It still leaves me with the constant live feed problem i think?

Is there an off the shelf relay type device that i can buy to stop this or do i just pull the plugs apart every time?

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