Fixing points

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Fixing points

Post: # 23843Post Steve&Lyssa
October 12th, 2018, 8:07 am

Holding the Demountable in place !
We are in the market for a demountable and got fairly close to purchasing one last week , but realized that we and the Ford Ranger four door were not ready in any way !!
I know I need air bags and that is going to happen very soon , my biggest worry / question is how/where do I get the fixings for the front of the demountable. I have seen one that had a cut out in the wheel arch so the tensioner could drop through the hole and then be fixed and tightened up via the wheel arch this normal ?? I assume that the rear will depend on the Unit we get OR do I fix the fixing points to the truck and make the unit
fit what I have fitted ....hope that makes sense.
Steve & Lyssa

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Re: Fixing points

Post: # 23846Post zildjian
October 12th, 2018, 1:53 pm

Not yet seen that done no, sounds a bit drastic anyway.

Typically these campers need a gap between wheel arches of around 900mm, so as long as the eye-bolts are set quite tight up against arches and again quite close to headboard thats fine,
the rears will be back in the flat area of floor behind arches and in front of tailgate so lots of room for them there

You could I suppose create a slot or round hole in bed floor and then secure onto an eye-bolt through chassis rail, since chassis rails get shared out amongst different manufacturers many 4x4 have handy holes already in the rails to take different components depending on who's using them
and with some thought you utilise those of course and that would be you very best secure fixing,

but eye-bolts with large spreader washers or plates beneath are good enough usually

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