Upgrading to LED strip lights

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Re: Upgrading to LED strip lights

Post: # 22977Post wonkywheel
August 14th, 2018, 8:21 pm

As has already been said, the heat output is significantly less with the led's. My local paper shop replaced 10 large florescent lights to save money then had to run the air-con to replace the heat in the winter :D
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Re: Upgrading to LED strip lights

Post: # 23003Post Amanda_P
August 16th, 2018, 10:49 am

derestrictor wrote:Does you camper have a voltmeter on the wall somewhere Amanda?
if it does take a look at it as you tune those Led's on and it will hardly budge now.

i bet with the old lighting it would have dipped pretty sharply as even those little strip lights came on where as modern lighting hardly makes a dent in voltage
It doesn't, but as I recall, the fluo tubes are rated at 8W each, so my two fittings drawing 16W each were drawing around 3 amps - rather more when starting. The LED tape is around 2.5W per metre, so that's around 5 watts for both lights, drawing roughly half an amp. My battery can stand any amount of that: the solar panel will more than make that up, even on a cloudy winter day.
zildjian wrote:Yes there is much talk about the hidden danger of Diode light source ...
Is there??

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