Alternative solar panel location

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Alternative solar panel location

Postby saDgit » December 22nd, 2015, 4:20 pm

Here's an interesting idea if you've got sufficient space between your cab and your camper. Frees up roof space for top-box, boat or whatever.

All the details and a description can be found here ...

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Re: Alternative solar panel location

Postby zildjian » December 22nd, 2015, 4:29 pm

And I thought I had too much time on my hands, and I like that as a solution.

More a pop top application obviously & something I'd wondered how was best achieved and still raise the roof

good find
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Re: Alternative solar panel location

Postby Alexd » December 22nd, 2015, 6:39 pm

snappy bit of design there, :P
its a good use of a fair bit of wasted space actually
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