Cables & hoses....

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Cables & hoses....

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December 10th, 2015, 6:41 pm

Having built a camper myself and learnt a lot from it, thus being able to advise from experience. Having said that, I like looking at various sites where others have built their own campers to see what ideas others have come up with to overcome various issues. Having looked at a few last night, has prompted the following...

What I do see on a regular basis, is that camper builders and people who carry out modifications to their motorhomes and caravans often use the wrong sort of cable. Many people use house wiring cable (Grey twin and earth) which has solid conductors. This type of cable is not suitable for vehicular use, as it can fracture with constant vibration. The correct cable is multi stranded like used in flexible cables.

Until a few years a go, caravans/motorhomes and fair ground type equipment wasn't covered by electrical regulations, however on the last revision of the electrical regulations they've now been included in to the regulations. Cable conductors is one of the topics covered.

Also... I've come across self builders using flexible hoses entirely for their gas systems which makes it rather difficult to replace hoses when they're built in to the construction like walls. They don't last for ever.
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