Suntrekker on T4 Double Cab project

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Re: Suntrekker on T4 Double Cab project

Postby keeflester » August 15th, 2016, 7:59 pm

Phoenixsp1 wrote:
saDgit wrote:Yeah, we're on our second. Whenever we're plugged in we use that and save gas. They work well and are ridiculously cheap. Only downside is that they hold their heat so if you want to travel soon after using it you need to find somewhere safe for it to sit while it cools.

Is yours definitely an induction hob or a more standard electric ring? My understanding with the induction hobs is that they don't get hot which is one of the great advantages, especially in a small area, plus they are very efficient and the heat can be controlled very precisely. It works using a magnetic field to setup a circulating electric current in the pan itself so actually only the pan gets hot, the only disadvantage is that your cooking pans need to be ferrous metal, so you can only use cast iron, steel or certain stainless cooking pans, no ali or glass pans.

This is the type of thing I mean.

They don't get hot directly, but the heat in the base of the pan conducts back to the glass surface, so it ends up quite hot and Defo needs to cool down a while before it's safe to touch.
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Re: Suntrekker on T4 Double Cab project

Postby Phoenixsp1 » August 21st, 2016, 8:45 pm

zildjian wrote:Clive mate, hows is this going, we haven't heard from you for ages now :D

Hi Richard, I'm still breathing :)

It is still on my drive where it was in the last picture... I did make a small bit of progress last week though, I fitted the locks to the locker doors..


I added the wooden frame underneath a few weeks ago to lift it up an extra 70mm.

I was hoping to use it this year... The clock is ticking...
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