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Re: SKarosser Copy Scratch Home build?????

PostPosted: June 18th, 2018, 2:55 pm
by wonkywheel
Ok, no need to rub it in. I have been aiming to go to the getaway myself :( but its not to be this year.

Re: SKarosser Copy Scratch Home build?????

PostPosted: June 22nd, 2018, 8:08 am
by zildjian
You'll get there (or at least next one) We aren't at Wales either
so you're not the only one! :shock:

Re: SKarosser Copy Scratch Home build?????

PostPosted: July 8th, 2018, 9:41 am
by wonkywheel
Slow progress on the build.

The higher temperatures seem to sap my stamina. So, with reduced energy levels along with increased joint pain (possibly gout :roll: ) things haven't moved on as fast as I had hoped.
I have added extra support spars to the front and roof of the bed area but have had to order yet more aluminium angle for edging and nose pieces. I have been fitting the fiberglass sheeting and aluminium edging to almost finish the outsides. Again, taking more time than I expected, as its the finished look I tried to space out fixing screw evenly and in a straight line :geek: (Tried but not always achieved)

Once the edging is screwed on I am still not entirely happy with the way the fiberglass has a tendency to belly away from the support spars in some areas. This may cause problems when final gluing takes place. I think its caused by the sheet being just too big and the edging squeezes it out so I will have to take a bit off.

It's becoming a chicken and egg situation. I want to try to do all the welding in one hit. I can't do the welding until I am happy with the build and fit. I am waiting for more aluminium to arrive to finish the build.

On the plus side. I have had the door hinges arrive and also a caralock door lock. I had a chance purchase of a tube of Gorilla grab adhesive that I might try on the fiberglass. I tested a 400mm piece of curved fiberglass glued to a vertical spar. It worked quite well at holding it down. ;)
I wanted to ensure that everything fits together but it does mean everything (fiberglass and edging) will have to come off again for welding and dressing :(

I didn't think it worth adding pictures at this stage as the sheeting will come off again so I'll wait until it's nearer completion

It's that time of year again. A little regret that I cut up "lightning" so now I have to prepare for this year's "Dragstalgia" event camping in a tent.
It did prompt me to purchase a Coleman event shelter for a bit of extra cover. 8-) It will come in use when :roll: the demountable is complete.
This does mean progress will be even slower :shock: and I was hoping to go to the 3 day Classic motorbike races at Donnington early in August but that's looking like a day trip now.

Re: SKarosser Copy Scratch Home build?????

PostPosted: July 9th, 2018, 7:09 am
by zildjian
This heats not a lot of fun to work in so we aren't surprised at pace really,

Pity you'll be under canvas for that event but at least weather might be suitable at least.
Interested in how that Gorilla glue works out as I have a job needs something new myself

Re: SKarosser Copy Scratch Home build?????

PostPosted: July 18th, 2018, 10:08 pm
by wonkywheel
Gorilla grab report. :geek:
I test glued 2 pieces.
One was a piece of aluminium angle fixed to an offcut of the dibond sheet. The dibond is 2 thin sheets of coated aluminium sandwiching a pvc sheet. This makes it fairly rigid but it can be bent so it was perhaps not the best test subject. The initial grab was fairly good with it being pretty solid after an hour( but it could be lifted flexing the dibond) After 24 hours good adhesion and not able to move laterally although with the already lifted end I was able to continue to flex the dibond and break the join. I don't think this would have been possible had I not already started to lift it off.

The second test was a piece of 2mm fiberglass sheet glued to a piece of aluminium box section. With the fiberglass being flexible similar results were obtained.

All in all I liked the adhesive as it went on well being quite soft and easily spread and needed nothing like as much trigger pressure as the other two adhesives I have used(Sikaflex 512 and Intech AG 300)

Just as another option, while I was in Screwfix collecting wire wool I picked up a tube of Everbuild Pinkgrip grab adhesive to try(Although it does say" Warning - Not For Amateur Use" :o

While I'm on the gluing topic. I have been cutting 25mm Celotex insulation sheets to fit in between the constuction spars and gluing it to the inside of the fiberglass sheet. Because the sheet has to come off for welding I have cut the edges of the Celotex at a slight angle( a bit like a chocolate bar) with the idea that it will guide itself back into the correct position with very little effort :roll:
I have been fixing these Celotex sections in place with "bond it" High Strength Spray Adhesive. This adhesive I have found very useful for holding things in place. I used it to fix the wadding onto the foam cushions to stop it slipping out of place on assembly. (Spray one surface to hold in position, spray both for a more permanent fix)

The only problem is the spray comes out about 250mm wide. Good for large areas like carpet( this is what I will use fixing the van carpet to the walls )