SKarosser Copy Scratch Home build?????

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Re: SKarosser Copy Scratch Home build?????

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August 6th, 2019, 10:31 pm

With the bad weather, and general fatigue at the time, I found I just wanted to sit down. So in some of these resting periods I sat at the dining room table with a selection of PVC offcuts and a few tools and made a couple of wall racks.


I don't like the dark wood effect stick-on film but the general idea is to have the racks hanging on the wall (when I have a wall) containing cooking condiments. Then when cooking outside on the Cadac the racks can be carried outside and put on the table.
I will have to cut a viewing hole through the front to see what's what but you get the general idea.

By way of helping to see what is actually going on, I purchased a digital volt/ammeter gauge. I'm not sure about the output of the radio but I do recall the 4 speakers are rated at 40 watts each. I found that with the radio at a normal volume (16-18) I was using just over 6 amps. With the volume up full (30) the power went up to about 12 amps :o


Ignore the mess of wire. I will tidy them up when I am finished running power to the different areas that require power.
I have got a thermometer/ hygrometer coming to add to the array. :roll:

The boxes that I used to keep the cooking gear in at the Dragstalgia meeting were all on the overhead shelf and that was a pain to keep lifting up and down to get out.

So I need drawers to store them in.
As far as I have got is to make the draw carcass and start to sort sliders to allow almost full access to the contents.
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